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Welcome To the 2021 Conference

Meagan Grega  
Meagan L. Grega, MD, FACLM  |  LM2021 Conference Chair

“When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills”

-Chinese proverb

Meagan L. Grega, MD, DipABLM, FACLM and Sami Bég, MD, MPH, MPA, FACLM

We are living through chaotically windy times.  With the pandemic of COVID-19 joining the ongoing global epidemics of heart disease, diabetes, and deaths of despair; it has become increasingly evident that our predominant approach to health is not producing the longevity and vitality that we seek.  In the United States, we spend over $11,500 per person each year on medical care, yet even with this immense investment, our life expectancy began to decrease after 2014. In 2018, 8.2% of the American population carried a diagnosis of diabetes, when only 60 years earlier, less than 1% of the population had to live with this difficult disease. The total yearly economic cost to the U.S. of just this one chronic condition alone has been estimated to be more than $300 billion dollars.

It is time to re-evaluate our strategy and forge a new path dedicated to the prevention, treatment, and reversal of disease utilizing lifestyle as the foundation of our health care toolkit.

We are excited to invite you to join us at the live virtual LM2021 Conference November 7-10 to learn concrete action steps towards changing the health care paradigm. Our theme of “Patient Centered. Value Based. Outcome Driven.” provides not just a quick snapshot into the type of content the conference will deliver, but also outlines how the field of lifestyle medicine integrates into current health care strategies and goals. LM2021 will showcase presentations and workshops demonstrating how lifestyle medicine is an integral part of health care delivery dedicated to patient-centered care driven by evidence-based interventions and improved outcomes. It also will provide a unique opportunity for virtual networking.   

As the premier conference for transformational healthcare leaders, this year’s live virtual event will provide abundant opportunities to learn from pioneers in the field while also earning continuing education credits for physicians, pharmacists, nurses, dietitians, and health coaches.  Plenary sessions will explore topics including value-based care and how lifestyle medicine can be a solution to the astronomical burden of increasing health care costs, “food as medicine” approaches to chronic disease treatment and reversal, integrating lifestyle medicine approaches into health systems and independent practices, and digital solutions that complement lifestyle medicine interventions.  Together with workshops on reimbursement, graduate education, culinary medicine, behavior change, diabetes care, health equity, planetary health, positive psychology, and women and children, LM2021 will equip participants with practical skills and tools to succeed in their respective institutions and communities. 

With lifestyle medicine recognized by the AMA as one of the five fastest-growing medical specialties, and with more than 90% of medical students in one survey stating a desire to receive training in lifestyle medicine approaches in order to provide effective counseling on healthy behaviors for their patients, there is no doubt that the time for lifestyle medicine-related courses and content is now. 

LM2021 will bring all the important elements of the field together in a virtual event that encompasses so much more than just education. ACLM’s lifestyle medicine conferences are truly a meeting of the minds from across the country - and the world - as we work together to understand and implement the power of LM to deliver the patient-centered, value-based, and outcome-driven results integral to the Quadruple Aim of health care. 

We all feel the winds of change blowing in relation to the health care landscape and how we can best support our patients in living healthy, vital lives while also achieving a better return on investment for our health care expenditures in regard to morbidity and mortality outcomes.  Lifestyle medicine is the windmill we need to harness the energy and momentum for the health care system of the future, while cultivating physical, emotional, and societal resilience personally and globally. Equipping clinicians and health care leaders to prevent, treat, and reverse our epidemic of chronic disease requires training in lifestyle medicine as an integral part of their health care toolkit. 

Join us at LM2021 from Nov 7-10 and be a part of building the future. We can’t wait to see you there!

Who Attends

Upwards of 2000+ physicians, allied health professionals, medical residents, healthcare executives, and prominent researchers and leaders in the field of lifestyle medicine.  Other attendees include supporting organizations, press, political and civic leaders--all from across the US and around the world, represented by the sister organizations of the Lifestyle Medicine Global Alliance.

Lifestyle Medicine 2021 and ACLM's Corporate Roundtable bring together all stakeholder groups that comprise healthcare: medical education, health systems, health insurers, benefits consultants, self-insured employers, purveyors of products and services that support the clinical practice of lifestyle medicine - as well as the tip of the spear, our providers--the physicians and allied health professionals who are on the front lines.